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"Our mission is to make photo printing the easiest it’s ever been, so that everyone can relive and share happy moments every day." - Todd Brown, President

Pex was founded in 2017 by Los Angeles entrepreneur Todd Brown. Before Pex, Todd served as Vice President of the amateur sports travel and tour company ExperSport, which operates in over 15 countries. He also founded the commercial shopping center building and maintenance corporation E&S Construction, also known as Royal Oak Property Services, where he oversaw operations and finances as its Chief Financial Officer and eventually sold the company in 2017.

A Bachelor of Political Science from Reed College and an avid tennis player, Todd is known as a highly social and athletic dad in his community. He is an active board member of the Harmony Project - a nonprofit organization providing music resources and lessons to over 3,000 low-income public school children and their families. When he’s not Pexing, Todd spends time exploring new restaurants and theater shows with his wife Regina, visiting his daughters Natasha in Miami and Zoe in Nashville, and playing with their dog Biscuit.